Today we went and had a sedated echo done to do a double check on the blockage that was seen on Tues. The result is the blockage was not as bad when he was sedated. This means it probably looked worse if he was moving or upset. However it is still bad enough that they would like to do something about sooner rather than later…sooner just happens to be next Friday. 

So the bad news we are not going to be able to wait 3-4 months like we were hoping. The good news is the procedure they will be doing is a heart catheterization (instead of actual surgery) to do an actual measurement of the pressures in his heart and then they will balloon open the valve & scar tissue. If everything goes well and his problem valve grows with him over the next several months there may not need to be another surgery.

Right now the heart catheterization is scheduled for next Fri at 9am. If everything goes as planned he will be in the hospital for 1 night for observation and released on Sat.