I really haven’t had a lot to report in the last couple months. Recently, in the past couple weeks, we’ve had some things going on. The biggest news would be that Logan hasn’t used the feeding tube for the past 10 weeks. We made a visit to the GI Dr in August and started talking about being able to take the tube out. He gave us 4 weeks to show a respectable gain of weight. The Dr is looking for 10 grams a day at this age. Within that 4 weeks Logan and I made a vacation trip to North Carolina to see family. My only worry was that he might not eat the same as being at home. Little did I know that not only did he maybe not eat the same but we both came back with a sinus cold. So the cold also had an effect on his eating. Not too bad though. We went back to the Dr this past Wednesday and unfortunately learned he had not gained enough to make the Dr comfortable in removing the tube. Our follow-up is now planned for November. I’m sure he can accomplish the task this time.

Our vacation to North Carolina went well and we enjoyed seeing family we don’t get to see often enough. My little sister, Christy, and her daughter, MacKenzie, also joined us driving down from Virginia. Lots of laughing and even more eating went on (Logan obviously didn’t overindulge like the adults did). Returning with a cold wasn’t what I had in mind but we have both recovered. This was Logan’s first time being sick which is a worry for us given his compromised immune system, but he has pulled through fine.

That’s it for now. Enjoy our pics.