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So you’d think being unemployed I’d have all the time in the world to update this blog however, there always seems to be something else to do. Here goes…

January -(1) We went to our follow-up appt at the Shriner’s Hospital for Logan’s club feet. We received the ok at this appt for him to only wear his brace at naps and at night. Yeah!! He’s so much easier to cudle without it on 24/7.(2) Bill’s parents came down to visit speading 10 days with Logan. (3)Our appts to the cardiologist went very well. Everything looks great. Logan has a valve that is leaking but nothing should have to be done about that for a while. Eventually a valve replacement will need to be done. Our follow-up appt was moved out to 4 months. (4) Our appt with the immunologist went well. They requested some blood work to be done and a couple things came back low but we are just monitoring those things for now since Logan hasn’t had any infection or sickness issues. (5) Lastly, on 1/30 we had our follow-up swallow study done. I’m happy to say this went very well. Logan is no longer showing signs of aspirating while swallowing and this means we can now work with him to drink liquids (one small step to eating on his own and getting off the feeding tube).

February – (1) We’ve been following up with the GI Dr. because we did see some foods coming back up the esophagus during the swallow study. We were scheduled to have an esophagram done. During the esophagram they were to use an NG tube (a tube down the nose to the stomach) to coat the esophagus with barium however, they couldn’t get the tube down either nostril so this has now raised the question to the GI Dr..Why …Is there a blockage?? Hence…more tests and a new Dr. (Ear, Nose, Throat Dr.). We are now scheduled for a chest MRI (to look at the esophagus) and a CT scan of the nasal area to see why they couldn’t get an NG tube down. That is all scheduled for April 22nd (soonest they could get us scheduled…love that!) Prayers for that day please as Logan will need to be sedated for both and a small chance of needing to be intubated. (2) All has been well with the Pediatrician. He goes for a monthly shot to help prevent RSV (a common respiratory virus kids get) and usually gets at least one vaccine while he’s there. Last visit he weighed 16.8 lbs. and was 27 in long. His weight has kinda leveled off at the moment due to us trying to get him to eat more by mouth. We’ve rearranged and reduced some of his feedings to make him more hungry. He probably has never really felt what hunger feels like since we’ve always just pumped his food every few hours. (3) We have started to work with a speech therapist (oral motor skills, includes feeding therapy). She comes every Tuesday. Logan has been doing great eating from the spoon and recently we’ve been playing with some different textures. Looks like he will skip right over the bottle and into a sippy cup. After 3 months of no bottle allowed, he has no interest in it. He likes the cup but still thinks it’s just fun to chew on the spout more than actually drink from it. Baby steps though, we’re working on that.

March – is quiet actually. Other than our therapist on every other Monday, speech every Tuesday and the monthly Pediatrician appt…I don’t think we have anything scheduled. Logan is working on crawling. He’s been up on his knees and rocking for weeks now. He also is sitting up on his own (there’s a video of that. Kinda interesting technique he has. Not sure the therapist will approve but it works for him.) He’s good at pushing backwards but there hasn’t been any forward motion yet. I’m sure it won’t be long.

Enjoy the pics and videos… They will be in a new post.