The last of the leg casts

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On Wednesday Logan had the procedure done where they snip the tendon in his heel and had his casts put on. These will be on for 3 weeks then we will have them removed and switch to the shoes with the bar between them to continue treatment of his club feet. The nurse told me the procedure went well ( I was not allowed in the room while it was going on ).  Below is a picture of the new casts.

I also included a video and picture of something else Logan has been going through. The struggle for dominance over one of his toys. I think eventually he will take control of the situation but right now it is not going in his favor.

Video – click here to see Logan’s wrestling match.

Pictures & video

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We have been bad about getting pictures & video of Logan up here for eveyone to see.

So here is your Logan fix…

Video – his first rollover…not sure if it was intentional.

Video – head lifts & neck exercises.

Home again!

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We are home again. Logan’s echo went well this morning and we were released and out of there by 11:15. 


And I have to say that my 10 hours of sleep was wonderful.

Successful Heart Cath.

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Today’s heart cath procedure went well for Logan. They were able to use a balloon to stretch his valve and reduce the high pressures in his heart. For now that will mean no open heart surgery. We will have to monitor the valve to see if it grows with him. He is spending one night at All Children’s for observation and should be released tomorrow after having another echo done to check up on everything. As difficult as it is to leave him behind for even just one night, I’m looking forward to a full night of sleep. Going back to the same ICU unit was like seeing a bunch of friends; although we told them it was just for a night. No extended stays this time. Everyone was excited to see Logan and was happy to see how much he’d grown. 

So I have one expensive babysitter for the night…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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We just got a call from the hospital saying the needed to reschedule Logan’s procedure. So now it is scheduled for this Fri at 9am.

Good news!

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Today we went and had a sedated echo done to do a double check on the blockage that was seen on Tues. The result is the blockage was not as bad when he was sedated. This means it probably looked worse if he was moving or upset. However it is still bad enough that they would like to do something about sooner rather than later…sooner just happens to be next Friday. 

So the bad news we are not going to be able to wait 3-4 months like we were hoping. The good news is the procedure they will be doing is a heart catheterization (instead of actual surgery) to do an actual measurement of the pressures in his heart and then they will balloon open the valve & scar tissue. If everything goes well and his problem valve grows with him over the next several months there may not need to be another surgery.

Right now the heart catheterization is scheduled for next Fri at 9am. If everything goes as planned he will be in the hospital for 1 night for observation and released on Sat.

Yesterday at the weekly cardiologist appt…

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Yesterday at the weekly cardiologist appt…they found some of his numbers were higher than they should be during the echo. We are not sure exactly what those numbers represent at this time but plan to find out more tomorrow because they want to do a sedated echo to see if he was not agitated and causing the numbers to be higher than normal. If the numbers are still high during the sedated echo then he will be admitted to the hospital and will have another heart catheterization. That procedure will give definitive info on whether or not they need to operate on his heart now or if we can wait. The heart surgery would probably be just a matter of clearing away some scar tissue that is partially blocking the small valve. We were expecting to have to have this done within the next 6 months but the doctors and us were hoping to wait at least 3 months before having to do it to give him time to grow.

We will give you more info as we get it.

Gym video

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Here is the video Kim took of Logan playing in his gym.

Gym Video