Logan is just about 10 months now. Can you believe it??

Logan had his MRI and CT Scan this past Wednesday. We don’t have results yet. We have appts with the GI & ENT Drs. this next week. Hopefully no big problems will be found. He did well during the tests. They sedated him so he would be still for them but they did not have to intubate him (thank goodness). Aside from that we have been working on drinking from a sippy cup. He’s doing well with it. Not enough yet to take him completely away from the feeding tube but we’re working on it.

Today was our first trip down to the pool. Trying to gear up for summer time. He seemed to enjoy it. It was way too cool for me but Logan didn’t seem to mind and dad got in with him. I became the photographer.

We’ll keep ya posted on the results of Logan’s tests.