Well it was a long day…not due to complications but more to delays. We were told his surgery would be at 7:45 am so we got there at 6:45am to see him before he went in. At 8 we found out there was a emergency appendectimy (sp?) that was done. So they did not get around to taking Logan until 11:45am. The surgery went fine and now we are back to the recovery phase. He is back on the breathing machine…hopefully that will come off tomorrow. He cannot make any sounds when that is down his throat so this afternoon he seemed very upset but had to cry silently. It seemed like whatever made him upset was magnified by the fact that no one could hear how upset he was. It was tough on Kim & I to watch him be that upset. At one point he turned to Kim opened his eyes and let out a few big tears…that brought tears to her eyes too. At least when he came out of the previous heart surgery he was heavily sedated and on a constant flow of pain medication.

So now if everything goes well they say maybe he can go home in 1 week.