Day 3 for Logan has been much better that his first 2. He is recovering from his heart surgery without any complications. His blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and other stats they are watching are improving.

This morning when I got in to see him his was moving slightly it seemed like he was trying to open his eyes. After a while I asked the nurse to wipe away some of his eye gunk and then they popped open. I sent some pics to Kim to show her. He has had them open for over an hour now with his eyes locked on me…unless a nurse walks by…then he does a quick glance to check them out.

Kim is going to be released from LWH around 2. She said she was going to go home and rest before coming up here to see Logan, but I bet that will be a very short rest if any at all.

This was the first morning that he has not given me anything to worry or stress about and I thanked him for it.