Kim had Logan Paul Eisenhard (7 lbs, 7 oz, 19″) this morning at 9:29.
The C section procedure went fine. Kim is recovering.
Logan looked fine & healthy however when he got to the nursery they realized he was not crying like he should.
They first thought maybe they was some stuff still in his lungs so they cleared it and did and x-ray and found nothing.
The main problem was the lack of oxygen in his blood.
After ruling out some common things they got a little more serious…more dr’s.
They ended up not being able to stabilize the oxygen issue and decided he needed to be shipped to All Childrens (AC) in St Pete for further diagnosis.
They had a feeling the heart was not getting the oxygen into the blood.
The echo reading from AC confirmed there are 1 or 2 problems with the way his heart and lungs are interacting but they cannot tell exactly what the problem is from that.
They are doing a procedure now called heart cathordization. Basically putting some liquid into his heart and seeing where it goes or doesn’t go.
Once they are done with that they will have a better idea of what the real problems are and then we can talk about the next step.

Even worse…Kim is stuck at LWR recovering and has only been able to see Logan for a total of about 5 minutes. Neither of us have had a chance to hold him yet.
Hopefully she will be well enough tomorrow to come see him, but their orginal estimate was she would be able to leave on Tues.