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Choosing a Domain Name

Before you start building a website you need to have a domain name. The domain name is what is used to reference your website.

How to pick a domain name
The way you plan to market your website will determine which method you should choose.

Use some form of your business or company name
Use this when you expect people to go or find your website using the following options:

  • Heard about it from you or a friend
  • From printed advertisements
  • Search engines – by searching specifically for your company

An example of this option would be

Use a keyword rich description of your business type or services you offer
The second method above is used when you you plan to drive most of the traffic to your website via search engines. Using keywords that apply to your products or services in your domain name will boost your rankings when someone is searching for those specific items. This works best when you have a niche market type of business. An example of this option would be This real estate team choose to build this website around a very specific but commonly used search phrase and gained very high search engine ranking resulting in a lot of website traffic from it.

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