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There are many options when it comes to free email on the web. Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and many other companies offer this service. I have used Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail for several years now. Here are my thoughts on each:

  • Gmail – My favorite right now. Has the best spam filtering that I know of. Lots of free storage space…currently 7GB. Setting this up give you access to Google Docs where you can store documents and spreadsheets online and share them. Google also has some nice Calendar functionality that can also be shared with many users. Another big plus for a Google account is how it naturally integrates your Google account with any mobile smartphone with the new Android software.
  • Yahoo – Simple and easy to use interface. Lacking in the spam filtering department.
  • Hotmail – Their interface worked ok but it was my least favorite of the ones I used.

I recently started using my Gmail address in place of my Verizon (the one provided via my internet service provider (ISP)). My reasoning for this is my Gmail will always be available online. If my computer crashes or gets stolen I can just go to some other computer and keep on working knowing all me emails are still there. If I used Outlook or some other email program to download my Verizon to my computer and then something happened to it all me emails are gone. Another reason I am changing everything to Gmail is that if I ever decide to switch from Verizon’s internet and go with the cable companies option then I would lose my email address…if I am already using Gmail then that it a non-issue.

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